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​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

My child is ill, can they still come swimming?
If your child is suffering from diarrhea and/or sickness, please do not attend your lesson. We would advise waiting at least 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased before attending another class. For other illnesses (coughs/colds/rashes etc.) please contact the office directly. Fun Flippers may only offer guidance regarding illnesses, not trained medical advice, so if you are in any doubt, please contact a healthcare professional or your own GP.

Will I need to submerge my Baby?

We can understand that you may be apprehensive about submerging your child during the lessons, it can be a worry for many parents and I hope that the below may help.
We are here as swimming instructors to help guide you through the steps to ensure that babies first submersion is as relaxed and enjoyable for you all.

Babies are amazing in the water, and they have many reflexes which assist them - especially when they are submerged.  The main reflex being their "gag reflex (laryngospasm)" - when water goes into a baby's mouth, the gag reflex causes an involuntary spasm of the glottis and epiglottis, preventing water from entering the trachea.  This watertight seal prevents inhalation of the water into the babies lungs.  They also have an "amphibian" reflex - where babies arms and legs move in spurts that can propel them through the water unaided - almost looking as though the baby is swimming underwater.

It is an amazing experience being in the water with your baby and helping them develop invaluable life skills.  We do include submersion within most lesson content each week - so it is entirely up to yourselves who would like to be the "first" to submerge. The best thing that you can do as the parent submerging, is to be as relaxed as possible, ensure that your hold is supportive, but not tight and to bring baby to the surface without any sudden movement or panic - as these could convey anxiety to Baby.  Lots of praise and cuddles after submerging is encouraged, as we want to convey that going underwater is normal.

What should my child wear in the pool?
For babies and toddlers until the age of 3, regardless of whether they are potty trained or not, we do require double protection in the form of a swim nappy underneath an aqua nappy. For older children, we would suggest whatever they feel comfortable in.

My child isn’t as advanced as the others in their class
All children progress at totally different rates, so this isn’t something that should concern you too much – if our teacher feels an alternative class may be more suitable, they will suggest this.

Does my child need goggles?
Goggles are not a requirement for lessons. If your child feels happier using them, it is fine to bring them to the classes, although we do ask that they fit correctly to avoid being adjusted too much in the middle of the lessons!

When is my child ready for swimming lessons without me?
There is technically no ‘set’ age where children are able to attend lessons without a parent in the water, as again, each child progresses at their own rate. However, in our experience, we have found that having a parent out of the water usually occurs from the age of three upwards – it would be unusual for this to happen before this age, for even the most competent younger swimmer! This is due to the levels of comprehension required, and ability to independently understand instructions from our teachers. As soon as our teacher feels a child would benefit from being in the water without a parent, they will let you know.

Do we have to shower before swimming?
All of swimming pools have showers available, and we do advise taking a shower before entering the water.

How long is each swimming lesson?
Each swimming lessons lasts for half an hour, so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for the start of your lesson.

How long before I can see results?
Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer! With an activity like swimming, we are not able to offer a specific time frame when your child will be able to attain a certain standard of swimming, as each child progresses differently. Our fully qualified teacher ensures that each child will gain as much as they are able to from each lesson.

Can both parents attend the parent & child class?
Both parents are welcome to attend the class, but we are only able to have one parent in the pool per child. You are more than welcome to alternate who goes in the pool each week.

Is parking available at the pool?
There is ample free parking at Treloar's swimming pool, plus all areas of the venue are fully wheelchair 
accessible. There is onsite parking available at Stepping Stones from 4:30pm on school days or alternatively, Heather Way car park just across the road.

What happens if I leave something at the swimming pool?
Each venue has a lost property box.

Will my jewellery and valuables be safe?
We would suggest not taking any high value items to your classes, as Fun Flippers are not able to accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any personal possessions.

Can my child eat at the pool?

We ask that no food be consumed at the pool please. Drinking water is available, please could we ask that you bring water bottles.

Does my child need to wear a swimming hat?                                                                                                                                   Swim hats are not compulsory however, long hair should be tied back.